• Kelli Kirkland, recent winner of the Food Network’s, Worst Cooks In America competition.

    Kelli’s favorite restaurant is in Gordan Ramsay’s Hotel London in West Hollywood.  She is crazy for the Sweet Corn Tortellini and Brussels Spouts.

    Kelli Kirkland, recent winner of the Food Network’s, Worst Cooks In America competition.
  • Brook & Nick, of The Tripel

    The chef/owner couple love going to either Sakura on centinella or Fresh in the Box for casual sushi. The main draw, other than sushi, is that their 4 year old kid can’t get enough teriyaki salmon and cucumber salad! Talk about a chefs’ kid.

    Brook & Nick, of The Tripel
  • Chef Kamil Majer

    At Terroni in Los Angeles he gets the Spaghetti ea’ Muddica—homemade spaghetti with anchovies, black olives, cherry tomatoes, capers, bread crumbs and parsley.  He loves the saltiness of the anchovies with the sweetness of the tomatoes, among perfectly cooked pasta and the crunch of the bread crumbs.

    Chef Kamil Majer
  • Chef Jason Rivas

    Anthony’s Restaurant and Lounge, located in Old Town Murrieta.  It is a little Italian eatery set within an office building that serves classic Italian, with a upscale presentation. A cozy, warm, inviting and with the back drop of live crooner music.  I always have Calamari Fritti, Insalata di Caesar, followed by the Cannelloni (filled with beef, mushroom and spinach).  Then you cannot forget the cannoli; it is nice, rich, with a crispy crust that just flakes apart.

    Chef Jason Rivas
  • Chef Scott Thomas Dolbee

    Having grown up here in Encinitas…my favorite will always be Roberto’s, Alberto’s or Juanita’s. If I ever get on the show, the best thing I ever ate…it will be a carne asada burrito from there.

    Chef Scott Thomas Dolbee
  • Chef Michael Fiorelli

    Some of my favorite restaurants and dishes include:  Pizzeria Mozza:  The anchovy pizza and butterscotch budino; Real Food Daily: The supreme burrito; Ink: Brussel Sprouts with crispy pig ears and lardo, and Bay Cities Italian Deli: The Godmother.

    Chef Michael Fiorelli
  • Erasmo Rodriguez

    I like street vendor bacon wrap hot dog’s after a good night at the club’s or tacos from a food truck’s am a simple guy but if I have time I like the french dip at Philippe’s at Philippe the original in downtown L.A. across from Union Station “Awesome”!!!!

    Erasmo Rodriguez
  • Dakota Weiss

    Lately I have been LOVING Baco Mercat which just opened up downtown, and a “must try” is the Chicken and Waffles and the Pork Shank Crepinette

    Dakota Weiss
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