Michael’s Santa Monica – Scottish Salmon

Michael's Scottish Salmon

The legendary Santa Monica restaurant provides classic California-fare cuisine under the direction of executive chef, John-Carlos Kuramoto.  Chef Kuramoto brings his unique culinary background, influenced by his Japanese and Mexican grandmothers and his training at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.  Chef Kuramoto got this position through a rigorous audition process that included creating a 12-course tasting menu for chef-owner Michael McCarty.  Proprietor, Michael McCarty opened Michael’s Santa Monica in 1979, and remains one of the most acclaimed and popular restaurants in the United States, along with the midtown Manhattan sister location, which opened in 1989.  An American restaurant, Michael’s is renowned for developing a classic contemporary cuisine that constantly evolves with new ideas and ingredients.



Michael’s Santa Monica
1147 3rd Street
Santa Monica, California